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At a Glance
At a Glance

db SOLAR PRIME HOLDING GmbH together with its subsidiary db SOLAR PRIME LIMITED is a renewable energy boutique specialized in the development, structuring and management of solar photovoltaic (PV) and other energy related projects.

With over three decades of experience and two decades of regional presence in Abu Dhabi, db SOLAR PRIME’s track record ranges from solar PV to CSP, from conventional CCGT to nuclear power, from thermal seawater desalination (MSF/MED in cogeneration) to membrane based RO desalination, from sewage treatment to aluminium production, i.e. representing a holistic experience across different sectors and technologies but with particular expertise and focus on solar PV, across EMEA markets.

db SOLAR PRIME has earned the know-how and competences to provide comprehensive and dedicated services for all stakeholders – procuring authorities, developers, manufacturers, lenders, investors, consultants - at all stages of the projects' lifecycle, from the early stage pre-feasibility phase to financing, partnership structuring, contracts management, plant installation and operation.



  • Scouting, assessment, selection of solar / renewable energy assets

  • Negotiation and structuring equity deals

  • Investment analysis

  • Investment Committees

  • Due Diligences

  • Investment process execution

  • Asset Management

  • RFP and tender process structuring

  • Structuring of relevant project agreements (P(W)PA, SHA, LLA, ATA, O&M, EPC, etc.)

  • Capital structure optimization

  • Financial valuations and Return analysis

  • Investment structure

  • Equity partnerships

  • Consortia negotiation and setting up

  • Debt facilities scouting, analysis and strategy

  • Negotiation, execution and management of P(W)PA, SHA, LLA, EPC, O&M, etc.

  • Set up and manage teams of professionals

  • Site/Project acquisition

  • Negotiation and selection of EPC and O&M contractors and sub-contractors

  • Expected Returns and Investment/Exit Strategy

  • Management and leading of consortia through all bidding stages

  • Scouting, assessment, selection of sites

  • Project selection, clustering, development

  • Pre-feasibility studies

  • Solar irradiation analysis

  • Electricity yield forecast

  • Technology assessment

  • Concept / process optimization

  • Techno-economic studies

  • Market studies

  • Tenders analysis

  • Selection of advisors (Legal, Technical, Financial)


db SOLAR PRIME HOLDING GmbH based in Germany, and its 100% subsidiary db SOLAR PRIME LIMITED based in Abu Dhabi, were founded in 2020 by a highly experienced and seasoned professional in the power and water sector. db Solar Prime has an in-depth, relevant and on-going experience, at the cutting edge of the Solar PV industry as well as enjoying close relationships with key players in the international Solar PV market.


The Founder Dietmar Blank is one of the driving commercial leaders in the power sector in the Middle East over the past 20 years. He is the architect of the 1998 Abu Dhabi independent water and power project (IWPP) template. This template including its evaluation criteria and payment formulas has since acted as the template for private power (and water) procurement throughout the Middle East and other regions globally.


Together with his team, he has been at the forefront of the initiative to introduce Solar PV into the sector and he co-led the competitive tender for Abu Dhabi’s 1,177MW Sweihan Solar PV project, where he has designed a bespoke tariff structure weighted for summer production to meet Abu Dhabi’s unique power demand curve. The Sweihan PV deal closed in May 2017 and the world’s single largest PV project went into commercial operation in April 2019 in record time and under budget. Most recently, Dietmar co-led the tendering of a greenfield 2,000 MW Solar PV plant including battery storage at Al Dhafra (PV2 Project).

db SOLAR PRIME has an in-depth and sophisticated insight into the commercial and economic drivers of large and complex projects in the power and water, energy and metals industry. The engineering background, coupled with financial and contractual experience and capabilities, gives db SOLAR PRIME a unique grasp of the underlying economic and commercial structure of a project.

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Track Records
Römerstr. 42
70794 Filderstadt
Masdar Free Zone
Abu Dhabi / UAE
T:            +49 711 39680039
M:           +49 162 8649553 ( Germany )
M:           +971 50 6163551 ( UAE )

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